DYSPLA is a neurodivergent led, award winning arts studio producing and developing the work of neurodivergent storymakers, supported by the Arts Council England. We work internationally in film, immersive theatre, installation & digital art. Incorporated in 2013 to shed light on the Neurodivergent Aesthetic, DYSPLA is at the forefront of neurodivergent creativity.

We are team of Neurodivergent artists, and we utilise Script Development, XR (VR, 360º Film, AR, MR), Moving Image, Photography, Poetry, Theatre & Installation to create our work.


MOVE: QiGang

Qi Gong (Qigong, Qi Kung, Chi Gong) is a 5,000 year old preventative medicine based on movement, breathing and meditation. Its roots are deep. They sit in Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, and philosophy. Chi means “life energy” or “life force”. Whilst Gong (Kung) mean work, skill or mastery. Qi Gong movements are all based on natural movements, the way the wind moves trees, the way water flows.

“I have been doing Qi Gong for about a decade. Not daily. Sometimes not even weekly. But in times of stress or tension I go back there. I go back there because Qi Gong makes me feel better, feel stronger, feel more like me.”

Mark Shayler “The punk of Qigong”

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NUTRITION: Sarah Bayliss Nutrition

Food is more than fuel. Food contains biologically active components that interact with all physiological systems in the body offering the potential of enhanced health or reduce the risk of disease. Food is a message to your body providing an instruction that shapes your health and influences how you feel, think, and perform. Food is fundamental to your self-care and self-fulfillment.

Sarah Bayliss Nutrition

FINANCE: Ovation

From the very beginning, their goal has been to understand clients better and break the link between selling financial products and providing advice. They have over 20 years’ experience of financial wellbeing. Ovation help clients understand what they want from life so they can spend their money to increase all areas of wellbeing. Simply put, Ovation focus on exploring the 5 pillars of financial well-being so you can review your finances, help you to become happier, not just wealthier!

Ovation Finance 

ACTIVE: SA Adventures

Always Exploring, Still Wild.

We are a collective of like-minded adventurers on a quest to test our bodies and minds. Exploring the path less travelled and always having fun via Fatbike, MTB, Hiking & SUP.

A small community of microadventurers. Outsiders who just want to share the joy of nature in the Welsh countryside. Preferably on gravel/fat/mountain bikes, paddle boards, hiking and wild swimming/camping. Less Strava, more pause and breathe.

SA Adventures

ACTIVE: George’s Surf School

George’s Surf School provide constantly evolving, progressive surf coaching delivered by great teachers. Its focus has always been on great teachers who love to surf. All instructors are over 25 years of age, offering the right balance of knowledge, maturity and professionalism and ensuring lessons are fun, engaging and most importantly geared to the needs of each individual surfer. George’s Surf School instructors are all ISA/Surfing GB qualified Surf Coaches and International Beach Lifeguards. Each team member also has their own specialist areas of interest and sports coaching expertise.

George’s Surf School 

BREATHE: Lovetolearnto

Matt is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Breathwork Instructor training people – in one-to-one consultations and group classes – to improve their breathing for sports performance advantage, managing stress and addressing dysfunctional breathing symptoms.

He focuses his work on biochemistry and biomechanics, delivering measurable improvements in our body’s ability to maximise the potential of the oxygen exchange, manage session fatigue and optimise recovery.

It’s not woo woo, it’s all science.


ESCAPE: Spectrum Holidays – Autism friendly family breaks

Whether you’re looking for accommodation on a fun filled, family friendly holiday park or a relaxed country setting is more your style, we can help! Our range of caravans, holiday homes and lodges have been fitted with a range of sensory equipment and visual resources to make holiday enjoyable and successful!

We ensure that all holiday homes have blackout blinds for bedroom windows, stair gate and bed guard available. We include information on door and window locks as well as providing a range of sensory equipment to compliment the home comforts that you would associate with your holiday accommodation. All our accommodation has been visited and has met our criteria to ensure suitability for a family with a child or children on the spectrum.

Spectrum Holidays

ACTIVE: Dawnstalkers Sea Swim Club

During lockdown one person decided to go in the sea near Cardiff. From the icy winter temperatures to the summer a community of like minded swimmers has grown to appreciate nature and the weather in all its flavours. Every day at sunrise.

We swim daily…
We swim at dawn.
Sea you at the shore, stalkers!


SOUND: Cloth + Wax

Wax: a broad selection of vinyl, tapes + books jazz hip-hop soul funk punk metal alt. indie electronica rock country reggae dub.

Cloth: a curated streetwear archive exclusively in-store, quality pieces from years gone by supreme undercover noah, stüssy, comme des garçons.

Cloth + Wax

ART: Project Art Works

Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and activists. Our programmes evolve through creative practice and radiate out to awareness-raising in the cultural and care sectors, promoting more diverse representation in programming and relevancy for audiences. We disseminate the work of neurodivergent artists and makers through a wide range of projects, exhibitions, co-commissions, films, publications and digital platforms, increasing neurodiverse representation in programming, and deepening understanding and visibility.

Project Art Works

Every Mind Is Different

Every Mind Is Different started in 2021, with the goal of creating awareness about mental health. It gathers references from many sources: Creative therapy such as grid stitching, medical art, neurodiversity and idealism concepts, mental health awareness and social responsibility blogs, but also pixel art, automatic drawing, the NFT current of collections, neo-pop and advertising.


PLAY: Amiko Cards

Looking to find ideas, inspiration and carefully curated information about simple ways to boost your physical and mental wellbeing? Amiko Cards feature simple, evidence-based ideas that can help to promote wellbeing. They’re a friendly reminder of the helpful things we know, but can often forget.