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Welcome to ND Positive.

A new space dedicated to understanding, sharing, and exploring the positive elements of living a neurodivergent life.

We celebrate neurodiversity and the difference it makes to business, the arts, science, music, and most importantly, your life.

We want you to be proud of who you are and what you can achieve. We want to show the great leaps, incredible inventions, innovative business, and breathtaking arts that wouldn’t happen without neurodiversity.

We are passionate about togetherness, and we want to show you your community.

ND Positive is all about connection, creativity and self discovery.

The reason we created ND Positive is to provide a platform on which we can share real stories, insight and inspiration; an authentic space for recently diagnosed NDs, parents, partners, family, friends and those curious to learn more. Content will come from our community, with a shared goal; always relevant and always authentic.

We want to excite, inspire, and encourage you to embrace the many positive aspects of what it means to see the world differently; a fresh perspective that opens up doors no one had previously thought to look behind.

Our aim is to bring people together, learn from each other and co-create a future that will make a real difference to us all.

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We want ND Positive to be a place where you will feel at home, taking the meaning of ‘home page’ to a whole new level.

Imagine walking through a door and what you find inside is a group of people who not only accept you for all that you are but also understand those places in your mind that maybe you keep hidden or don’t even properly understand.

The + Stories blog interviews draw from real-life experiences lived by people who embrace their neurodiversity, enabling a positive life because they are ND, not despite it.

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